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Pallavi is proud to be a channel for your enjoyment. Please become a member of Pallavi to benefit from all activities.

If you are already a Pallavi member, please renew your membership without fail on time.

Your patronage is of high esteem and will help us plan and commit to new concerts ahead of time.

Please download the membership application form here, fill it out and mail it to us:

Pallavi of the Capital District,
P. O. Box 1732,
Latham, NY 12110

Pallavi has obtained tax exemption status under section 501(c) of the IRS code.  Please write to us about obtaining the details of the benefits.

Membership fee structure:

Pallavi is doing its best to bring in talented musicians to our area. It costs more (especially after the economic downturn) to bring artists from India.

At the annual General Membership Meeting of Pallavi, the following classes of membership were unanimously approved.

Annual Membership Classes:

- Family Member - $150
- Individual Member - $75
- Student Member - $25
- Five-year Member - $500

Note: Five-year membership fee can be paid in two consecutive annual installments of $250 each or in one installment of $500.

GE Matching Gift

  1. Requirements Thanks to the efforts of Sri. Narayan and Shanta Nair, Pallavi is awarded GE Matching Gift Program starting from 2003. Please take a look at Requirements and contribute generously to sustain this grant.
  2. Directions for GE Matching Gift Dr. Suresh Rajaraman has prepared the following document for GE people to make their gift known to GE so that GE can make a matching contribution. GE Matching Gift Donors

IBM Matching Gift

Thanks to the efforts of Sri. Bala Haran and Smt.Sudharsana Srinivasan, Pallavi is awarded IBM Matching Gift Program starting from 2011.

Directions for IBM employees:

  1. Please be logged on to IBM intranet
  2. Fill in the form http://w3-01.ibm.com/hr/us/ hrforms/data/mgapp.pdf
  3. In this form make sure you enter the IBM MG ID # 03-0081690.


All Patron/Promoter and Sponsor/Promoter Donors will be recognized at every event of Pallavi during the year as Patrons or Sponsors