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Pallavi is proud to be a channel for your enjoyment. Please become a member of Pallavi to benefit from all activities.

If you are already a Pallavi member, please renew your membership without fail on time.

Your patronage is of high esteem and will help us plan and commit to new concerts ahead of time.

Pallavi has obtained tax exemption status under section 501(c) of the IRS code.  Please write to us about obtaining the details of the benefits.

Membership fee structure:

The following classes of membership were unanimously approved for 2020.

Pallavi Family - $100 

Covers the entire family for Pallavi concerts*, events** and workshops*** 

Kids automatically become part of the Pallavi Youth Organization (PYO) 

Single Adult - $75 

Suited for Single individuals who like to attend Pallavi concerts* , events** and workshops*** 

*Pallavi concerts : Concerts on PYO day, Aradhana day , Sharad Utsav and other concerts being planned. 

**Events : PYO day, Aradhana day, Sharad Utsav. 

***Workshops: Mahashivrathri, Music theory and other workshops. A special workshop/concert for the 25th anniversary year is also being planned. 

Note : Non-members will pay a participation /admission fee of $20 per person towards every concert /event/ workshop.